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About Us

Walter Frey, Sr., received a Meister-brief in Stuttgart, Germany before emigrating to South Africa in 1951. This is the equivalent to a South African degree as a Master Butcher. He worked as a sausage maker in the Port Shepstone business he later bought.

The Fresh Meat butchery at 35 Escombe Street (Now NelsonMandela Drive), has been a Port Shepstone landmark for generations. The photos below show what this building, which is the main branch of Michael Frey's Fresh Meat, looks like today. The professionalism and quality standard Walter Frey Sr. brought to his business has been perpetuated by his son Michael.

Fresh Meat vehicles from an era gone by were painted orange, a colour theme which is perpetuated by Michael Frey's Fresh Meat today. Even in that earlier era, Walter Frey, Sr. serviced clients over a wide geographical area. Today some of Michael’s clients are second-generation customers.

Extensive remodelling has given Port Shepstone one of its favourite places to shop. An unusual touch is Michael Frey's in-house deli and grill where customers can order from a variety of hot meals.


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We manufacture our own Cold Meats, Smoked Sausages & Boerewors

Our Main Branch in port shepstone is home to our meat processing plant. Here we create a selection of delicious cold meats using recipes handed down from genertations. Smoked products are also made here as well as an assortment of sausages from Pork Sausages, Bokwurst, Viennas and Russians to a tasty selection of Boerewors recipes.


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